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In the logistic facilities of companies with different characteristics, the weightless manipulator gains more and more ground as the ideal solution to carry out various load movements without the operator having to bear the weight of the load. These are systems based, generally, on the use of vacuum cups that allow lifting and lowering of the corresponding materials, including ample turning and turning possibilities as required by each company, thus providing cutting-edge performance They are particularly useful when handling large items such as drums, sacks, plates, doors and much more.

Manipulador ingravido

Improve your load handling capabilities with a weightless manipulator

The possible applications of the suction cup vacuum manipulators are remarkably wide and for that reason they already have a prominent place in the catalog of cargo handling solutions that from Dexve we make available to the most diverse customers: bag handling, drums, coils , boards … .. tell us what you need to manipulate and we will find the best solution for your company. From our conveyor belts to our models of hydraulic load elevator, we have always been characterized by the commitment to the most useful features for each industrial installation, as well as adapting them to the requirements of each case in order to optimize the installation costs and the efficiency of the processes.

If you communicate with our team, we will be at your disposal to let you know the possibilities of integration of weightless handling in the context of your facilities. In the same way, you can count on us if you are interested in incorporating to your forklift facilities at the most adjusted prices or any other type of machinery that, with us, will always have a positive impact on the efficiency and reliability of your daily procedures. This way of working is what has led us to surpass the 25 years of trajectory of the hand of innumerable clients with diverse needs