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Fixed pallet turner

This fixed pallet tilter allows you to flip loads quickly and safely. The rotation of the pallet is carried out by: 90º without pressure for stable loads (eg boxes). 180º without pressure for unstable and fragile loads (eg bottles 180º) or with pressure for unstable but robust loads that are not fragile (eg drums).

These are the characteristics of a standard equipment (we have several models with adaptations for different heights, pallet weights and other types of loads, these data are indicative of a standard voletador).

  • Capacity 1250 kg.
  • Max. opening1680 mm.
  • Min. Opening 550 mm.
  • Size of the platform 1220 x 1020 mm.
  • Overall dimensions 2500 x 2000 x 1600 mm.
  • Power 400 V – 3,7Kw.

These turners are hydraulic and only need power to operate (usually TRI 400V). A turner is often used well to turn the product over to change the pallet (these are the most common applications). The turners are usually sent ready for unloading and start-up, if required, we can offer both the installation and maintenance of the equipment as well as other after-sales services.

Ask us about the models of turners that best suit your application, indicating at least the type of load, the objective of the dump (pallet change / load inversion), the minimum and maximum heights of the pallet to be flipped, as well as the required load capacity. of the tumbler. To do this, use the following contact form.

Pallet changer

This pallet changer allows replacing pallets by manipulating them with a bull or pallet truck and without the need for a pit. The load is overturned releasing the pallet to be replaced so that the pallet can be changed without having to reverse the load and without the operator having to take the pallet by hand. This equipment is manufactured in different versions, with 90º, 95º or 120º tipping. In the simplest versions, the upper platform is fixed.

We indicate below characteristics of a standard version:

  • Capacity 1200 kg.
  • Pallets up to 2500mm in height.
  • Rotation of the load up to 95º.
  • Size of the platform 1200 x 1200 mm.
  • Overall dimensions 1600 x 2600 x 2500mm.
  • Power 400 V – 3Kw.

Consult us about the models of turners that best suit your application, indicating at least the type of load, the minimum and maximum heights of the pallet as well as the required load capacity of the turner. To transmit this information you can use the following contact form.

Mobile pallet tilter

This mobile turner allows to solve the pallet change operation in different positions. It is manufactured well with forks with double platform. Some models incorporate side safety grilles in case the product typology requires it. All models are built with attention to GMP standards, with rounded shapes and smooth surfaces for maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning. Hold the load without damaging the product.

Guiding features of a mobile pallet tilter:

  • Capacity 1,000 Kg.
  • Opening 1,520 mm – Closure 760 mm.
  • Translation and electric elevation. Manual rotation.
  • For pallets of max 1200x800m.
  • Control panel with touch screen.
  • Minimum roof height of 2850mm.
  • Dimensions approx 2900 x 1150 x 1900 mm.

Ask us about the models of tumblers that best suit your application. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Turners and pallet changers integrated in transport lines

These models of turners allow different types of operations, the most common is to change the pallet without flipping the load. This type of equipment needs flows of at least 10-15 pallets an hour to two or three shifts to compensate for the short-term investment. They are usually supplied with sections of conveyors (straight, transfers, rotating tables, ferries ..). The possibilities are many, in most cases integrations are perfectly feasible. In other cases, intermediate situations are possible, at the beginning or end of lines. Turners and changers of autonomous pallets are the most common for non-intensive flows.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Turner for containers or metal coils

These equipment are used to facilitate access to palletized loads and metal containers. The simplest model (the orange in the image below) is 750 kgs capacity, maximum inclination of 85º, manual displacement, exterior width forks 570mm, long forks 840mm, height for discharge 900-950mm, standard varnishing (hydraulic washing) , anti-rust hand and RAL 2000 orange finish) and balancing throttle mounted directly on the cylinder.

Other models for metal coils are used to flip the load 90º (green turners with V-cradle). If you need some type of turner, for coils, rolls or other types of load, contact us.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.