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For vans loading and unloading operations, conventional pallet loading systems (stacker, truck, loading dock) do not usually solve the handling problem.

  • Normally, the palletized loads enter very just in the box of the van, the handling is complicated by not being able to easily access laterally to the pallet to load or unload the pallet.
  • To load a van with a wheelbarrow supposes to be exposed to blows and damages in the vehicle, a bull is not a means of maintenance designed for this task.
  • The height of the springs and the hydraulic ramps are designed for a truck with the box at a height between approx 1200 and 1600mm. The loading height of vans is much lower than this height and the load width is usually lower.
  • Since in the places of delivery do not usually have the means of adequate maintenance for this type of vehicles, the ideal would be to be able to handle the loads without depending on third parties.
  • I need a system that occupies the minimum space loaded.
Carro de Tijeras Plegado

To solve these problems our scissor car system can be a very good solution:

  • Load and unload palletized loads from your van without assistance and in seconds
  • This scissor cart allows moving and loading or unloading equipment or loads of up to 250 kg.
  • Minimum folded height 268mm, unfolded height max 800mm
  • Battery and charger integrated.
  • Simple use, ergonomic equipment. It is charged with the 12V of the vehicle.
  • It includes as an option straps to secure the load. When the truck is placed inside the van, the scissors can be raised so that the load rests on the base, not on the wheels.
  • As an option, orange slings and spare batteries can be supplied.
Descarga de furgoneta

These equipment are manufactured in Germany, the PVP price is € 4300 + VAT + shipping (usually requires industrial use to be profitable). Slings and extra batteries as an option, CE marked, manufactured in Germany. If you want an offer of this equipment, contact us by the means you prefer, do not hesitate to contact us.