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Mobile column system for handling drums

This special stackers are made in steel or aluminium, usually translation is manual when loads are under 150-200kgs. Usually this equipment allows to elevate drums and they can include a lateral o frontal turning system, manual or electric depending on the needs of the client and the weight of the drum. This special equipment is designed to handle and empty content of metal or plastic drums in an easy way. We try to make equipment as ergonomic and easy to use as possible. .

Truck for handling drums Foto No.1
Truck for handling drums Photo No.2
Wheelbarrow to dump product
Truck to turn cans Photo No. 3

We can supply from a simple manual system to elevate drums to a much more complex full electrical stacker with scale. We study each case separately, if you have a handling need or would like to have more information about our products, please let us know , we will study all possible alternatives in order to offer the most suitable and best quality/price equipment to solve your handling issue.

Special stacker for handling reels

Another typical application is the handling of reels usually to depaletise and load the machine. There are several systems for handling reels,V-shape platforms with turning, expandable or fixed shaft or special clamp, with or without turning. For reels under 200kgs stackers are manual for movement, elevation is always electrical (with batteries). These stackers can be made in steel, Inox or aluminium. To define the right equipment we need to know at least the dimensions min and max for the reels, máx weight and elevation máx required. If you need a stacker to handle reels please contact us with information about your need and we will study your case to find the best handling solution.

Wheelbarrow to manipulate coils. Photo No. 1
Wheelbarrow to manipulate coils. Photo No. 2
Wheelbarrow to manipulate coils. Photo No. 3
Wheelbarrow to manipulate coils. Photo No. 4

Usually these equipment are based on a standard model and the grip system is adapted or created as a new developement specifically to suit users pre defined application. If you are looking to improve your handling operations please feel free to contact us so we can help you.

Customized stackers for handling special loads

In all cases we offer an equipment adapted to the needs of the application, many of the times we are able to give a good solution and if not, we don´t make any offer. We are used to deal with special handling applications for elevating, turning and/or tilting containers, boxes, to empty drums, handle big cases, IBCs… there are hundreds of applications. Usually this equipment are made to handle loads from 50 to 250kgs but we have standard solutions for higher loads, 1000, 2000kgs. for this cases all equipment is fully electrical, the whole equipment is CE marked.

Wheelbarrow to dump heavy coils.
Special trolley to manipulate klts.
Special truck to dump product.
Special trolley for flipping containers.

Contact us if you have any need for handling. Take note we are in Spain, we can sell worldwide but only make installations in Spain (anyway this kind of special stackers don´t need special installation, they are delivered ready to use).

Towing trolleys, to tow loads

This e1quipment is made to tow loads, usually structures steel made, the small equipments are for loads under 3000kgs but we have bigger models standardized up to 14 ton. Depending on the application there are different possible solutions, in all cases, coupling system would require to modify the load to tow. Fos making a quote we need at least to know the dimensions and máx weight of the load to see what equipment suits better requirements. If you have any request please let us know, we can advise about the solutions and prices for this kind of equipment. We try to fulfill requirements the better we can, we cannot change the world but we can help for your handling problems!.

Trailer trolley for trailers.
Motorized truck with a voquete.
Drag trolley for heavy loads.
Pallet truck adapted to carry metal hoppers.

This transportation systems to tow loads usually improve productivity as the operator saves time in the collection and delivery reducing physical effort, pushing or towing loads of 200-300kgs can be harmfull for the operator, this machines sometimes avoid the operation of loading or unloading the equipment itself. The quick couplings allow to accelerate the time of collection and delivery, while allowing the dragging of a greater number of elements if they are hooked to each other. We have both standard models and customized models adapted to specific applications. For more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you about the possibilities available for your case.