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Our company responds with solvency to the demand for scissor lift tables in various environments that make use of industrial logistics solutions. We do not just offer quality machinery to meet the needs of lifting materials, but we actively work to make a difference in a positive way by bringing each company the possibility of acquiring machines that conform as much as possible to their requirements, which translates at the same time in an optimization of the relation quality price of the product.

We work with a wide variety of platforms and mechanisms to configure hydraulic scissor tables that, from an exclusively electric power, offer high performance to give a satisfactory lifting solution. We have tables with simple, double, triple or quadruple scissor mechanisms, and to give a measure of the extension of our range of solutions, we can offer models with load capacities ranging from 500 to 40,000 kilograms, taking advantage of the power of some switchboards that range from 0.32 to 20 kilowatts. In this way, we establish ourselves as reliable suppliers for companies with very diverse needs, fulfilling in each case their requirements in the most specific way.

Scissor lift tables with features tailored to your requirements

The activity of Dexve results therefore in the best range of options so that companies of all kinds can complete their installations with lifting solutions adapted to their daily workflows. It should be noted that in this section we also have important industrial forklift options with very tight prices and including models prepared for integration into automated systems. We take care of making fast and impeccable installations to make it as easy as possible when reinforcing your equipment. The range of products that we have does not stop there. In case you are interested in having a weightless manipulator, we are also the ideal provider to go to.