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Pallet warehouses, autonomous dispensers and equipment to integrate in transport line

The handling of pallets in warehouses or industrial warehouses is usually done by hand. The risks of falling pallets, injury due to incorrect handling or accident, can be frequent in areas with movement of empty pallets.

The pallet stacker / unstacker is a device that is designed to store and make available to the operator stacks of empty pallets. This system avoids accidents, cuts and overexertions in the placement and storage of pallet stacks

Delivery or receipt of the pallet can be done with a pallet truck or pallet truck. Handling risks are eliminated and the pallets are kept longer. Our equipment is of maximum robustness, if you want a cheap destacker that does not last, this is not your product (these equipments are usually subjected to blows, the chassis of the destacker must be robust to withstand the daily work.

These pallet warehouses are available in single or double depth, for pallet heights of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 pallets. They are available in pneumatic or hydraulic versions. They work autonomously unless we talk about stacker / destacker integrated in transport line.

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  • Hydraulic or pneumatic
  • For 15, 20, 25 and 30 pallet stacks
  • Monoformat (For EUR 1200 × 800 or 1200x1000mm pallets)
  • Single or double depth
  • To dispense, to form piles of pallets or for both functions
  • Options: Atex, galvanized, negative temperature room, clean room …
Baner Almacenes

Stackers and dispensers are also available to integrate in roller conveyor lines or chains, we specialize in handling pallets in low and high cadence.