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Transport system vertical elevator

Transport system vertical elevator order picker

An order picker usually refers to an electric translation equipment that elevates load and operator, working height can go up to 6 meters. It allows to pick at different heights. Order pickers can move with the mast deployed although speed is usually reduced depending on working height.

The concept of this machines is intended to bring the operator to the load and do the picking instead of descending the palet, making de picking, reload the palet on the shelves. Prices are usually in between 8 and 20 thousand euros, depending on model, needed delivery time and quantity.


Compact order picker:

  • Order picker with electrical movement and elevation.
  • Máx capacity 250 kgs
  • Ultra compact, external size 1420×700 mm
  • Elevation máx to  2500 mm (máx working height about 4000 mm)
  • Controlled by a joystick
  • Movement speed  5 km/h regulable (limited to 1,4 when platform elevated)
  • Movements with micro delays to avoid “bumps”
  • Standard batterie 135Ah/20hr.
  • Integrated charger 12V DC 15A
  • Space for the operaator 555×700 plus load space aprox 400×700 mm
  • Weight with the batteries aprox 580 kgs
  • Wheels made of polyurethane 200/70 y 150/50 mm
  • CE certificat (manufactured in Asia)
  • The price of this equipment varies depending on quantity, delivery and number of units.
  • For series more than 10, we can customize some items


Electric Elevation and Movement

Order picker with electric elevation and movement


Order picker with pallet elevation:

  • This counterbalanced stacker order picker has forks and can handle palets up to  800 kgs.
  • Máx working height  4500mm
  • independent control forks elevation (elevation 750 mm)
  • External dimensions 2750x800x2340 mm
  • Máx speed : 8 km/h
  • Elevation speed 0,15 m/s – 9 m/m
  • Turning radius 1515mm
  • Battery 24V 360 Ah
  • Motor 2,5 kw (movement) and 3 kw (elevation)
  • CE certificate (manufactured in asia)
  • This equipment has a price that varies depending on model and features, usually between 15 and 25.000€/unit
Wheelbarrow Order Picker With Forks

Truck picks up orders with forks

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