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Make models with industrial forklifts at prices like those we propose from Dexve is one of the best possible investments for many installations with high logistical requirements, taking into account also that we have models that adapt to different flows and workloads. Thus, we have low-cadence elevators that are ideal for environments with a reduced frequency of pallet movements and we also market elevators of high rates designed especially for integration into automated facilities.

Do not forget to ask us about the features available in each of these sections, since if something distinguishes us is the ability to adapt to the specific benefits that are ideal for each client, thus reaching an unbeatable price quality ratio in budgets for industrial freight elevators that we present to companies like yours. It should be noted that our range also includes different formats of scissor lift tables that could be optimal for the connection between plants.

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Industrial lifts for reasonable prices

And it is that the work of Dexve covers an extensive range of solutions for cargo handling, seeking in each case the possibility of providing companies with the best conditions to perform their tasks smoothly, satisfactorily and reliably. All this, from a more than reasonable investment. Remember that, if you wish, we take care of everything, manufacturing the custom elevators and installing them in your facilities, as well as offering after-sales service.

We are prepared to respond to the requests and inquiries of diverse companies with satisfactory proposals, through our involvement and our ability to gather industrial machinery always adhering to the most solid standards of the market. This applies both to our cargo lifting solutions and to other equipment that we sell, such as our conveyor belts at competitive prices.