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Are you looking for a hydraulic load elevator that allows you to satisfactorily fulfill this aspect of your daily logistics processes? At Dexve we are proud of the ability to listen to the particular needs of each company and determine the optimal solution according to their capabilities and technical requirements, making use of high reliability and performance technologies. This combination of factors has allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the reference suppliers in the sector for companies of diverse specialization and scope. We have completed more than 25 years with our client base.

We have the hydraulic load elevator that will respond to your requirements

We will be in a position to present you with a hydraulic loading platform that adapts to the activity that you develop, both in terms of dimensions and power, offering the optimum load capacity and without neglecting the possibility of having models specifically configured for special needs. Do not hesitate to consult us about it. We incorporate different mechanisms in our range, selling, for example, forklift equipment that goes from the simple scissor to the quadruple, always with the desire to go hand in hand with the requirements that are presented on each occasion, which has repercussions at the same time. our ability to adjust budgets sensibly.

For this reason we are also known as a company that is particularly qualified to provide industrial lift trucks at competitive prices, without detracting from the ideal specifications to fit perfectly into the technical deployments of each industrial facility. We thoroughly scan the casuistry of each client and that, added to our catalog always tied to the leading technology in the market, is the differential factor that has allowed us to stay in the front line for so long.