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Low cadence elevators

For pallet movements of less than 5 – 10 hour, we our single and double column pallet elevators. Also called hydraulic elevator, these elevators are made for lifting loads, not suitable for elevating people, only static load lifting . Capacity from 100 kg to 30 tons, with platforms made fit your needs from 1000 x 1000 mm with courses up to 18 meters, number of stops, type of load and application to be defined. Transport and installation throughout the Spanish territory (for customers abroad Spain, we only supply the machine).

For large platforms, we manufacture double column elevators: Load capacity up to 8,000 kgs in standard versions, platforms up to 3000 x 6000 in standard versions.

Elevator specifications: Power from 7.7 to 20kw (typically motor 400V TRI 50Hz), emergency mechanical braking system (identical to people lifts), power unit with low consumption oil with minimum sound level, large diameter hydraulic cylinders (working low Pressure and better resistance to possible curvatures), automatic leveling system, possibility of manufacturing for ATEX environments, consult versions of forklifts with platforms in Inox 304 and epoxy, galvanized or galvanized treatments.

These hydraulic elevators usually have single acting cylinder, only electrical power is needed for their operation (usually TRI 400V). We supply the equipment with its motor and it´s electrical panel and, if required, the perimeter safety protection and / or doors with interlocking systems required by safety regulation. We offer for these elevators both manufacturing and supply with assembly, maintenance and after-sales service.

Safety: Anti-locking safety rings, door locking mechanism, emergency mechanical braking system, parachute type (identical to people’s lifts), power unit with low consumption oil with minimum sound level, large hydraulic cylinders Diameter (working at low pressure and better resisting possible curvatures), automatic leveling system, manufacturing possibility for ATEX environments.

In case of necessity, we manufacture these elevators with self-supporting structure for cases in which it is not possible to fix the columns of the elevator. As an option, we provide  doors and enclosures tailored to your needs.

All our projects are tailored to the needs of the client. Tell us what you need to move and we will offer you the best option quality / price without commitment on your part.

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High cadence pallet elevators

Our high cadence elevators are usually installed in automated warehouses and production plant where there is more than 10-15 pallets hour movement working 1, 2 or 3 shifts. We have an installation in France for mineral water, an elevator with 150 cycles per hour working 24/7 all year, only 3 stops for maintenance a year.

  •  Self-portable elevator.
  • Cadences up to 150 pallets / hour.
  •  Capacity up to 2000 kgs.
  • The elevator can be used separately or integrated in a conveyor automated line
  •  Very robust, reliable and safe equipment.
  • We can supply only the elevator or can be turn-key project key on hand with engineering, manufacturing, transport, installation and after sales.
  • If you want more information, please let us know.


Scissor lifting tables for connecting floors

For connecting floors, scissor lifting tables are an alternative to column hydraulic elevators when the required platform is big and the lifting course is under 6-7 meters. Based in Spain, we are specialist in lifting tables and industrial handling equipment


Please visit our section of lifting tables for connecting floors if you want more information about our multiple scissor lifting tables for connecting floors.

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