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The expandable roller conveyors are systems designed to transport cardboard boxes,  bags and other kind of loads, helping operators in the hard duty of loading / unloading a container or tuck. This conveyors are available in two versions:

  • Gravity ones, non motorized. Available in rollers or wheels, plastic or metal. Inox as an option. 3/4 weeks delivery, price starts at 900€ piece.
  • Motorized roller expandable conveyors, usual width 600, 700 or 800mm. 7/8 week for delivery and prices starting at 4000€ for the smaller driven conveyor..

These are the standard sizes (Ancho = width, Longitud=length retracted/expended):

Tabla y Medidas de transportadores extensibles

This is an example of a driven expandable conveyor (these models are tipically used for loading / unloading conveyors, the operator adjust the size depending their needs.

Transportador extensible motorizado

If you want to request a quote for this product, you can contact us, take note we are in Spain. Contact page.

¿Intensive usage?

For a more intensive loading / unloading of containers and trucks, we supply telescopic belt conveyors. With lengths up to 8+15 meters, this equipments makes great improvements in handling conditions. You can visit here tha page of product – telescopic conveyors.

Descarga de cajas por medio del transportador