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The term lifting platform is generic and can designate different types of equipment: It usually refers to a lifting platform intended to lift operators or to a forklift type elevator for the connection of floors (to raise static loads). Basically we can differentiate three types of equipment, scissor lift tables for lifting loads, column or lift elevators and lifting platforms for operators (scissor lift trucks for work at height):

  • Lifting platforms for lifting loads are equipment used solely and exclusively for the lifting of static loads and their approval does not contemplate their use by persons unless the required safety measures are included. The installation of these equipment is usually fixed and are also known as scissor tables.
  • Scissor platforms for connecting floors are scissor lift tables usually intended for the transport of static loads, not people. The dimensions of these platforms vary although they are usually large platforms that are installed in place of the column hoists for cost reasons.
  • Dexve It is often called a forklift elevator hudraúlico column. These equipment can be single, double or quadruple column depending on the required platform dimensions and / or load capacity. If you want information about hydraulic column elevators to connect floors click on the link.
  • Dexve The work elevators are modular detachable equipment that are used during building processes to raise loads, operators or both. Dexve puts these equipment at your disposal for sale, not for rent. If you want elevator information for construction sites (construction sector), please contact us.
  • Dexve In cases where a mobile scissor lift table is required for work at height, it is often referred to as lifting platforms. This machinery includes all safety measures and homologations required by regulations for the transport of workers for work at height. If you would like information on lifting platforms for operator lifting, please contact us.
  • Dexve If what you want is a mobile scissor table of reduced dimensions, we put at your disposal another series of standard equipment. If you want information about cars and mobile scissor systems, please contact us.