AVE – Components for conveyors

Other components and accessories for conveyors:
We are also the delegation within AVE mechanical transmissions, national manufacturer of components for the manufacture and maintenance of conveyors:

  • Feet and supports.
  • Sliding profiles Sliding to work under hinges or modular bands and for lateral guidance.
  • Plastic or stainless steel hinges for transporting bottles, boxes, drums, containers …
  • Bearings for transmission shafts.
  • Traction, reshipment or accompaniment wheels.
  • Modular conveyor belt.
  • Profiling for construction of fairings.
  • If you want more information or have any need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Feet and supporting elements for conveyors:

Support elements

Adjustable feet


Components for Conveyors:

Threaded plug:

Side support:

Connection joints for aluminum fairings:

Connection element and skate:

Support head:


Track Rollers:

Barandilla supports:


Shafts for Handrail:

Crucetas for Transporters:

Insurer Ring:

Fitted Accessories:


Accessories Return:

Conveyor knobs:

Conveyor Heads:

Adjustable Oiler:


Curves for Conveyors:

Profiles for conveyors manufactured in Deslidur:


Slip profile:

Conveyor Guides:

Bearings for Conveyors:

Aluminum Profiles and Accessories for Conveyors:

Traction Wheels and Transfer Wheels for Conveyors:

Other Accessories for Conveyors:

Sinfin Polyurethane: