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Do you need to incorporate new conveyor belts in your facilities and prices are a factor to be taken into account? The professionals who work at Dexve are distinguished every day by their ability to present the most efficient and personalized solutions to all kinds of clients, thus putting at their disposal the most satisfactory conveyor belts for an investment worthy of the pain. This has much to do with our acknowledged commitment and commitment in every project entrusted to us, as well as the persistent work incorporating a broad and cutting-edge range of technologies into our catalog of technical solutions.

In this way, the catalog of machinery that we will use when it comes to determining together with you the transport bands with competitive budget that allow to develop the movements of necessary loads in a fully satisfactory way, gaining in efficiency and reliability within the flow of daily activity. With expandable equipment, hinge or roller we will configure an ideal solution. Keep in mind that we are willing to work with standardized formats, to use modular systems or, if it is advisable, to provide you with a totally customized design.

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Conveyor belts with adjusted prices and customized features

Although we usually only supply equipment, if you wish, we will take care of the installation in a thorough manner, as it characterizes us in each of the specific areas that we cover within our intense work in the specialized distribution of cargo handling machinery. The logistics solutions that we provide also cover the marketing of various models of lifting tables, replicating the versatility that characterizes us from a wide range of available dimensions and powers. We do not leave out advanced solutions of high utility in certain uses such as a weightless manipulator; Do not forget to ask us about it.