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The manipuladores of coils usually are of two type, well fixed equipment don system of support, well with useful integrated in mobile trucks.

Pneumatic equipment is usually installed in areas where coils must be handled continuously, either because the machine has to be loaded, or because it has to be unloaded. These equipments are designed to help the operator to move loads from one point to another without having to bear loads and without any type of accident. The capacities usually oscillate between 50 and 300 kgs. For greater weight it is usually worked with overhead crane and dump systems.

Manipulador Neumatico
Manipuladores Neumaticos de Sacos

The systems of cages usually solve the manipulation consisting of taking a coil from a pallet, raising it, turning it over, putting it in and placing it in the machine. The coils that are handled in industry usually weigh between 3 and 50 kg, it is recommended to use equipment from 10 kg coils.

The useful system available for this type of special trucks usually varies according to the type of handling to be carried out:

  • Fixed horizontal axis
  • Manual rotary expandable shaft
  • Electric rotating clamp (“Embracing” the coil)
  • V-cradle
  • Forks in V or similar