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The first applications for vacuum and weightless equipment were made at the end of the 80s with the first suction cup and bag manipulators. Since then, the manufacture of load handling equipment has evolved creating different types of solutions depending on the types of load. As for handling bags, there are usually three alternatives:

  • Suction cup manipulator with vacuum pump
  • Pneumatic manipulator with suction cup
  • Pneumatic manipulator with pneumatic clamp

These equipment can be installed in several ways:

  • Suspended from existing bridges or hoists
  • Davit mount to fix to paared or existing structure
  • Column + davit (the most usual)
  • Bridge system to fix to ceiling
  • Self-supporting bridge system (gantry type)
Manipuladores Neumáticos de sacos

Handler of bags of suction cup, weightless for manipulation of plastic bags or paper